On December 2014 a consortium of fourteen partners (Universities, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Non Governmental Organizations) from eight European countries joined the project titled “Textile and Clothing Knowledge Alliance. Future textile and clothing managers for export, marketing, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship oriented companies (TECLO)”: a two years Knowledge Alliance, co-founded by European Commission under the Erasmus+ program.

Textiles and clothing, with more than three million employees, is one of the main sectors of activity in Europe, but it has been deeply affected by the financial crisis and restructuring processes. Globalization of production, competitiveness of emerging countries, lack of qualified staff, lifestyle changes and environmental issues severely damaged textiles and clothing industry.

Due to the on going changes described above, the qualification requirements of textile and clothing sector are also changing. Cross-disciplinary courses, combining professional and transversal or strategic skills associated with entrepreneurship are becoming increasingly necessary.

Cross-disciplinary courses, combining professional and transversal skills associated with entrepreneurship are becoming increasingly necessary, while the higher education institutions are no longer offering suitable solutions. Textiles and clothing curricula should evolve to an increasing focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and management, thus a new generation of managers can bring new skills, a more international perspective and more awareness of issues related to export promotion, marketing, non-technical innovation, sustainability and leadership.

In order to answer the textiles and clothing European industry new skills needs, TECLO project main outcomes are going to be:

  • the development of sectorial methods for anticipation of skills needs;
  • the set-up of the EU curricula of the new professional profile of the Textiles and Clothing Managers (TECLOM), endowed with more advanced social, entrepreneurial and management skills;
  • the development and pilot of a MOOC for the new TECLOM.


To discover all the project activities, read the full workplan.